CMBM Facilitators

Amy Cavalleri

About Amy:
Amy is a mom, a cook, a traveler, a reader, a writer, and a lover of sunshine and fresh air. After leaving the Redding area after high school graduation (and swearing to never return!), she now embraces life in the north state and enjoys the mild climate, plentiful trails, minimal traffic, and running into familiar faces at the grocery store. She works locally as a nonprofit consultant and is also on staff with the Center for Mind Body Medicine as the Development Manager.

About Amy’s CMBM experience:
I have been leading CMBM groups and workshops in the Redding area since 2019. Each group is a unique experience and I’ve finally learned to not be surprised when a random collection of strangers transforms into an authentic group of friends. The CMBM model has been transformational for me personally, allowing me to know myself more deeply and own my place in this world with greater confidence. It’s no exaggeration to say it’s been “life changing” for me personally, and “life giving” as I share the work with others.

Amrit Kajla, FNP, RN

About Amrit

Amrit has been in the healthcare industry for over 35 years. She has worked with youth, the underserved and a variety of individuals. She has served as a community nurse, nurse educator, nurse administrator and nurse practitioner. Preventative health care and mind body medicine have been a lifelong passion. She loves providing education in health care, traveling and time spent outdoors.

Kristin Miller, Ph.D

About Kristin

The joy of being a CMBM facilitator comes through the deep connections and wisdom that shines through as group members become empowered with skills to manage stress and trauma together. As a Psychologist in our community for the past 32 years, I have had the great honor of walking the path of healing with many who face emotional distress and have been so impacted by trauma. Now, I am delighted to facilitate groups and workshops so that one day our whole community has the skills to manage stress and can find connection.

Linda McGinnis

About Linda:
As a young adult there were multiple times when I experienced trauma. I didn’t know how to get help or how to help myself. Luckily, the right books fell into my arms. The self-care tools found in these books along with forty years of yoga practice turned me into a firm believer of the body-mind connection.

While teaching art in elementary schools twenty years ago an opportunity to create design work for S’cool Moves, Inc. came up for me. S’cool Moves offered evidence-based self-regulation skills for students. Adding these skills to my class warm-ups was instantly gratifying. I was able to get students attention, teach them to monitor their own behavior, and provide them with tools to use during class to calm themselves, wake up, or prepare for school work.

About Linda’s CMBM experience:
The CMBM training was a natural progression. Using the CMBM skills in my daily life came naturally after completing the facilitator training. I spend more time in the present. Criticism of myself and others has transformed into acceptance. Overall, I’m more relaxed and out-going. I feel more confident navigating the unknown, meeting the future.

One of the bonuses for me is the opportunity to meet people who are committed to improving their lives thru self-care. My most rewarding experiences come from coaching others. I am open to working with all ages. There is a special place in my heart for pregnant teens and single mothers.

Maggie Zlotowski, RN, CNM, CFNP

About Maggie:
Hi! I am a Nurse by Profession and Explorer by Nature. I love meeting new friends, travelling, camping, hiking, swimming, snorkeling, reading, cycling and kayaking, knitting, sewing and quilting. I have struggled in my adult life to reconcile the pain of the world, violence, war, inequity and hatred with my experience of humanity and the universe as a compassionate and caring one. I have worked with people of all ages as a Nurse and Nurse Practitioner. Together, my husband, Steve, and I have raised 3 sons, who are now launched into the world on their own explorations.

About Maggie’s CMBM Experience:
In my experience with Mind Body Skills groups and with the Center for Mind Body Medicine, I have learned so much about compassion, starting with self-compassion. I think the biggest a-ha I have gotten so far is the knowledge that we are the keys to our own healing. These techniques have really opened my heart to seeing how complete we all are in our own way when we let ourselves explore our own experience and begin to heal. I love that there are so many different opportunities offered during our time together to help everyone find something that speaks to them.

Malama MacNeil

About Malama:
A native of the central valley, Malama MacNeil has lived in Chico for 36 years. A mother and grandmother, she enjoys dancing, gardening, swimming, cycling and qigong. She has engaged in the Subud spiritual practice since 1970, and the Dance for All People since 2006. As a community elder, she offers virtual circles for practicing mind body skills for self-care, soul tending, deep listening, and council way.

About Malama’s CMBM experience:
My favorite exercises in the Mind Body groups I’ve been part of are the ones that engage the imagination, encourage spontaneous expression, and offer self-reflection: the 3-drawings, the special place/wise guide visualization, the dialog with an emotion, symptom or issue. Learning these might be reward enough from group membership, but especially in these times of limited social interaction, the opportunity to witness others as they check-in how their week has gone, or share their experience of the practice, is heart-opening and deeply affecting, and sometimes amazingly fun. Just sitting in silence breathing the soft belly meditation with others can make my day!

Marcia Ramstrom

About Marcia:
Marcia has over 35 years of experience as an educator, counselor and trainer. Her passion is providing prevention and early intervention services, programs and trainings to youth and those who work with youth. She loves balancing her work-week with time spent working directly with the students, and time also supporting parents, guardians, educators and community members.

In her spare time you will find her somewhere outside, either in her RV traveling, in the hills hiking or in the water playing!5

About Marcia’s CMBM Experience:
Becoming a facilitator for CMBM workshops and groups has changed my life. I have never experienced or witnessed the connection, compassion and healing in any endeavor like I have seen in this program. The skills we are able to share with others seems to always give each person exactly what they needed at that time in their lives.

Dr. Sharon Ann Brisolara, PhD, MS

About Sharon:
I came to certification as a Mind Body Medicine practitioner having spent years in deep conversations, in what I call inquiry. As a researcher engaged in helping organizations learn if their efforts were making a difference, as a counselor in a therapeutic boarding school, and as an educator in the United States, Morocco, and the Comoros Islands, my work relied on my ability to listen, be present, and co-create space for people to access their inner knowing. My work in Costa Rica and love of languages set me on a path of being able to serve in English and Spanish and my love of poetry has helped me guide inquiry experiences that involve playing with words. Now, as a resilience and equity coach, I feel honored to guide explorations of how self-care, mindfulness, resilience and equity are deeply intertwined and the difference they can make in our lives.

About Sharon’s CMBM experience:
I came to Mind Body Medicine having experienced the loss of my home and belongings in the Carr Fire. Although I had engaged in mindfulness practices in the past, I needed something different, and more consistent. Since then, I have been deeply grateful for what Mind Body Medicine (MBM) tools and the support of the small MBM groups have brought into my life, and for presence, clarity, and well-being that have been the result of this work.