Center of Hope Is Moving

A Letter From Our CEO

Hello, Hill Country Patient,

We are writing to let you know that we are moving.  As you might have heard, the Center of Hope building on Industrial Street has been sold to Shasta Community. Hill Country will continue providing services in Redding. You will still be able to see your current providers and healthcare teams at our new locations. We will have medical services on Gold Street and at a new location on Churn Creek Road.  Behavioral Health will be at the Care Center on Gold Street and at a new location on Mistletoe Lane.  All Redding sites are included on a map on the next page.  Dental will be working out of Round Mountain for the time being.  All services in Round Mountain will continue as normal.

If you have any questions, please call your current office or our main number at 530-337-5750. We cannot wait to see you in the new buildings!

Jo Campbell, LCSW
Hill Country CEO

Hill Country Provider Locations as of 7/15/2024

During the transition period, June 24th – July 15th, some providers will be working remotely or will be working at other locations.
If your appointment for that time frame is being moved, you will be hearing from the Front Office.


Dr. Balcazar – Round Mountain

Chris Donaghe PMHNP – Gold St. and Round Mountain

Dr. Franchuk – Round Mountain

Jeremy Fuller FNP – Split between Gold St. and Churn Creek

Carrie Guilfoyle ANP – All locations

Tracy Higgins FNP – Churn Creek

Renee Mendonsa PA-C – Churn Creek

Dr. Patterson – Round Mountain

Dr. Rob Smith – Churn Creek and Round Mountain

Rikki Zepponi – Churn Creek and Round Mountain

Dr. Vinyard – Gold Street


Kristi Hughes RDH – Round Mountain

Dr. Sutherland – Round Mountain

Kenna Tyree RDH – Round Mountain

Dr. Zufall – Round Mountain

Behavioral Health/Counseling

Tammy Allan LCSW – Round Mountain

Tanya Allen LCSW – Gold

Jennifer Borgenson ACSW – Mistletoe

Renee Brissey LCSW – Mistletoe

Kim Elliot LCSW – Round Mountain

Andreas Fuhrman ACSW – School Sites

Heather Gold LCSW – Round Mountain and Mistletoe

Lluvia Hetrick – LMFT – Mistletoe

Gerry Long LMFT – Remote

Kara Nolan LMFT – Mistletoe

Cherish Padro AMFT – Churn Creek

Ron Parton LCSW – Round Mountain

Stephanie Pluim ACSW – Mistletoe

Helene Stovall LCSW – Round Mountain

Glenda York LCSW – Gold St.

For questions about provider locations, please call 530-337-5750.